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We are offering regulatory affairs services for customers from pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We have experiences with big pharma as well as with SMEs and start-ups. We understand the needs of headquarters as well as of local affiliates.


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After xEVMPD we guide through IDMP- and make it easy for you. 

Our data management group gives you an overview on the current status and supports you in compiling the necessary information for a timely and compliant data transfer. 


More and more companies are switching to worksharing. Will you?

Use of worksharing is but one tool to optimise your maintenance strategy. But an important one, it actually can save time and money. Call in our experts to get it implemented

Press release: Xendo announces management buy-out supported by Sovereign Capital (Leiden, 24 May 2016)

The investment will strengthen the company’s position as a leading consultant and it will have a positive effect on the continuity of business. Current customers will continue to seamlessly enjoy existing services, and Xendo will be able to seek to expand its services and geographical reach, both through organic growth and complementary acquisitions. With a strong track-record as a ‘Buy & Build’ specialist, Sovereign Capital will provide the financial support to grow, develop and expand Xendo.

Under the new ownership the business will continue to operate under its own name. We are also delighted to welcome CFO, Arjen Huijs (previously Jacobs Douwe Egberts) to the current management team.

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