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Our Berlin based office is specialised in Regulatory Affairs. We concentrate on regulatory procedures and strategy, regulatory science and on data management. We have experience with a broad variety of products:
pharmaceutical, biologicals, ATMPs and herbals.

There are additional services offered from the Headquarters in the Netherlands:

Engineering & Technical SupportBioprocessing, Compliance & Validation and Pharmacovigilance.


There are three ways of working together with us:


  • Insourcing of personnel

This model is useful when you are looking for specific expertise to complement your project team or when there is a temporary capacity gap from maternity leave or a sudden shortage in personnel.


  • Outsourcing of projects

This model is useful when you have a temporary capacity shortage caused by an additional project, such as a dossier update or a regulatory procedure.


  • Outsourcing of processes

This model is useful when you have a permanent capacity shortage. We take care of defined regulatory activities for defined products in defined countries so that you can focus on your core activities.


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